Franciscan School ERP Software plays a vital role in streamlining the day to day task of schools. Our ERP software is flexible in nature & it can easily manage all the aspects & functionalities of school organization. It is developed by cutting edge technology & it provides an integrated platform for all the students, teachers, administration & other school staff members.

Our educational ERP software is a web-based application system & the user can easily access from anywhere by login user ID & password. With the help of our school software, school administration can keep a close watch on the staff member’s work function & brings transparency in the system. It has integrated school ERP software & is customized according to the user’s requirement.


Fee collection of the school is the most important responsibility of the school. The Franciscan Fee Software makes fee collection process hassle free. It offers flawless fee collection in definite way. Franciscan Fee Software module is one of the most automated fee calculation modules available in the market. Apart from being automated it is flexible enough to accommodate the varying nature of fee payments that most of the institutions come across. Fee calculation is done on the basis of category selected for the students. The module automatically calculates the pending fees, previous fee payment details, deduction and concession if any applicable to the selected student. In addition to the above, the user is also provided the option to allow payment of more than one month/fee-cycle whichever applicable. User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained. Automated bill generation option enhances the system dependability. Fee receipt can be accepted by the system with few mouse clicks. At any point time user can check collection made and outstanding with single click.

Salient Features of Fee Software:
  • Define and club various fee components for various groups, class etc. to generate a flexible fee structure.
  • Online/Offline fee collection facility.
  • Multiple collection mode – School/Bank.
  • Multiple payment mode – Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft/Credit Card/Debit card etc.
  • Online Payment facility with real time data option and strong acknowledge mechanism.
  • Multiple Type Fee collection option by a single module – School Type, Transport type, Miscellaneous Fee etc.
  • Define fees slabs with different ranges like quarterly, monthly, half yearly for different standard.
  • Linking the fees slabs to accounting ledgers so that on collection of fees, accounting receipts are generated with ease.
  • Facility to collect fine and provide discounts in fees.
  • Facility to provide concessions in fee as per the school requirement.
  • Display of fees remaining on part payment of fees.
  • Facility of collecting fees in parts and maintain the due remaining amount.
  • Generate and print receipts of fees along with manual / automated fees receipt no.
  • Easy to record the cheque no./Cash notes received in fees.
  • Create fees slab dynamically every year.
  • Direct link of data entry on receiving fees to accounts eliminating double data entry.
  • Print receipts automatically, eliminates pen and paper receipt making.
  • Role-based access and privileges (Different views and access for different user types)
  • Lock off the cash paid fees eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Provides the facility to import the student fee details from Excel.
  • Fee book printing facility
  • SMS alert to defaulters
  • Petty Cash Management with Voucher/Receipt

Payroll Software is flexible and user-friendly payroll software specially designed to facilitate an easy and effortless salary generation to the educational institutions by understanding their intricacies. The module takes care of each and every requirement of institutions such as reports outputs, pay slips, salary statement, PF statement, Income Tax statement allowance and deductions and generates all statutory reports pertaining to the same.

The system automatically calculates all taxes on the employee’s payslips and assists the employer to comply with all statutory requirements like PF, ESI, Gratuity and bonus. The module is compatible with all biometric, like RFID and Face deduction machines to take direct input of daily attendance of staff and consequently saves time of manual feeding of attendance. Our Payroll Software offers different Features – for the user, the employees and the Organization

Salient features of Payroll Software:-
  • Automated Data transfer from Time Keeping System (Biometric Machine)
  • Fully integrated with Leave Management and Leave Reimbursement
  • Multiple bank account support
  • Advance and Arrears Salary Management
  • All Statuary Requirement Management (PF, ESI, etc.) with e-filling system
  • Complete Tax Management
  • Automated Salary Computations with multiple formulas
  • Automatic Salary Slip generation and dispatch mechanism
  • Ability to tweak or modify final payout as convenience
  • Single click Payroll generation
  • Built-in checks and validators to prevent you from errors
  • Ability to mark employees to exclude from Payroll
  • Multiple file import and export option
  • Several pre and post payroll processes to handle complex salary generation requirements
  • High-Performance Processing to handle your large workforce payroll processing
  • Less paperwork with multiple online reports

Stock and assets can now be easily handled with help of “Stock Software”. It makes sure a school has the right amount of products required for smooth functioning marking minimum and maximum level for each stock line. Various reports of ’Stock in’ and ‘stock out’ help stock Software to maintain things well without much efforts.

The application let us store copies of every bill and warranty paper of stock for future reference. It can hold details of their service schedules, maintenance records, depreciated value and schedule for replacement etc.

Salient Features of Stock Software are:-
  • Create and place purchase order
  • Low and High inventory warnings
  • Item History
  • Issue and Return Management
  • Softcopy records of warranty and guarantee papers  Integration with accounts software for depreciation
  • Multiple Search Option.

An ultimate accounting tool that seamlessly connects with Fee Software, Payroll Software, Stock Software and other software. It fetches data automatically and saves a lot of entry work which eventually prevent you from errors and saves a lot of time. Equipped with all essentials modules and keeps you up to date with real-time information with online reporting facility.

  • Keep all the accounts related information under one single module.
  • Keep a record of the funds flowing in and going out from the school accounts.
  • It allows you to create vouchers, daybook, cashbook, journal, profit & loss accounts, balance sheet and much more.
Salient Features of Accounts Software:
  • General Accounting process flow
  • Account Balance Consolidations
  • Multiple Ledger Flexibility
  • Multi-user facility
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Depreciation
  • Security with restricted access
  • Voucher Management
  • Softcopy records of vouchers
  • Integration with multiple software like stock, payroll etc.

"BOOKS SOFTWARE" helps the librarian to keep all the records (issue, return, fine calculation and collection, periodicals, journals, etc.) Each book is bar coded which helps in the speedy and flawless transaction, tracking of books and cataloguing the books.

Inbuilt advanced DOC (Dewey Decimal Classification) search and membership card printing feature makes it more facilitative. Powerful a-Cataloguing system of Books Software helps users to search books at a glance with any required field.

To the librarian and to management it provides a quick view and check on the number of books/journals issued, reminders of fines if due and a valuable set of queries relating to the normal requirement process. The module is being equipped with an exclusive feature of data warehousing and data mining via a high-end search engine used for the research and development purposes.


The real time analysis of academic reports of a student is the most vital part of the education system. Our foolproof module named "MARKS SOFTWARE" is composed to provide a snapshot of students' progress to all stakeholders just at a click. This module provides detailed reports of individual student or an entire class and identifies skills in need of remediation plus keeps track of the same. It has an inbuilt strong system of analyzing PSTs (personal and social traits) and co-scholastic activities. It is equipped with computerized generation of mark sheets and the consolidated sheets in different formats which can be easily printed or shared.

Software generated report card folders personalizes the report card by displaying photo of the child and have the pocket inside to keep all worksheets. The module is well equipped with features where different comparative studies can be represent.


“Time Table Software” is a powerful tool for Automatic Scheduling of the timetable of a school. It’s fast and efficient timetabling algorithm, distributes the subjects and classes to the teachers and creates the best possible qualitative timetable. The tools provide powerful functions to handles all constraints like parallel allocation, consecutive allocation, preference layout, and version master etc. The drag-drop interface for making manual swapping and auto-substitution management is the USP of the application. Consequently, application minimizes time, efforts and resources used for manual creation and allocation. Reports Produced by the software e.g. Substitution list, Teacher’s workload distribution, class wise time table, Teachers timetable helps school to have the information on the tips.

Salient Features of the software -
  • Easy work allotment method - both class wise and teacher wise
  • Multiple constraints Management including parallel allocation, consecutive periods, fixed periods and preference layout
  • Clubbing of different subjects/teachers/classes/smart class
  • Blocking and locking options can be easily utilized for the individual adjustments.
  • Time Table for resources like labs, playground, library etc. is generated simultaneously with the class timetable without clashes
  • Provision of manual swapping and automatic allocation of periods
  • Attendance can be marked manually or can be fetched from biometric machine which ease the process of marking substitution
  • Flexibility to mark substitution manually or automatically along with the teacher’s statistics.
  • User-friendly hence reduce the time involved in generation of time table
  • Automatic Timetable Scheduling
  • Customization & Flexibility
  • Optimal Resource Allocation
  • Saves time in marking substitution daily
  • Ways for getting different types of class wise and teachers wise timetable reports.

Software is designed to account the transactions of cash expenditure/receipts. Using this Petty Cash Software you can easily manage your everyday expenses and keep an eye on your cash flow. With this powerful tool you can filter and browse expenses by date, category or narration. View report monthly by category and you can also export your data.

It can track all cash payments being made and the receipts of amount to the main account. It also comes with reporting module to generate huge variety of reports for those transactions.

The software is a best-suited model for automating the small cash transactions in Office.
  • Management of Petty Cash Transactions
  • Payments, Receipts and balance managements
  • Voucher Printing for Payments and Receipts
  • Various Reports
  • Interface with MS-Excel