e-Care SERVICES Online Library Access System

Franciscan Online Library management software offers convenient features to school librarian and students, parents and teachers. It keeps track record of books and periodicals issued to the student and available in school library. Each book gets barcode which helps in the speedy and flawless transaction, tracking of books and cataloging the books and keeping records. Inbuilt Advanced DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) search and membership card printing feature makes it more facilitative. Powerful E-cataloging system of Books Software helps users to search books at a glance with any field required and read online.

Salient features of Books Software with Online Library Management System:-
  • Acquisition of books and periodicals with barcode system
  • Digital Accession Register and other catalogs
  • An effective tracking system with any keyword in book acquisition form
  • User-friendly for librarian and other stakeholders
  • Speedy and multiple issue-return mechanism (class wise, student wise etc.) with barcode and membership card
  • Students, parents, teachers and management can search, read and check status of books online
  • In-built DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification System)
  • Books display with its cover page in catalog
  • Student’s Library accounts status available online for parents and students
  • Display of newly added books
  • Age wise educational games for all subjects
  • Real-time data synchronization with school library
  • Mega e-Books collection with more than 16000 e-book and e-Kids books
  • Storage hint mechanism to save time
  • Periodical Management
  • Membership card printing
  • Fine Management and many more
Online Books
  • We can read books online.
  • Books are available to the students, teachers, and parents as well.
  • Parents can check their ward’s library account online.
  • Students can see latest edition to the Library stock.
  • Students can search books online & can track the location of book and availability of book from home only.
  • Students can enjoy multiple e-books and e-kids book 24x7.
  • Constantly managed and updated according to School Library.
  • Manage the complete management of the entire library through the software’s easy interface
  • It removes manual process of issuing books by easy and simplified way of issuing book saving time and effort
  • The librarian can issue, return and reserve book for a particular student through the software’s interface
  • The software automatically shows fine levied by automatically counting days from the date if issue in case of late return of the book
  • Add, update, search and view library items online
  • Student can also check the availability status of a particular book online
  • Generate customized report for library items, library inventory and library fine collection.
  • Thousands of online available books in e-portals
  • Easily accessible 24x7
  • Independent collection of books excluding school library books
  • A complementary collection of books by Franciscan library software
KIDS’ e-Books
  • Online collection of books apart from school library especially for kids
  • Special collection of books for kids on their e-portals
  • It's accessible 24x7
  • Helps in development of their mind with these special collection of books
Kids' Educational Games
  • Another online contribution towards educating students with fun
  • Special collection of online games for kids and students
  • Class wise and age wise collection of games
  • Online learning games which creates interest with entertainment
  • Easy accessible 24x7 via e-portals