Attendance Manager

With multiple analysis, such as, department wise headcount etc., ‘Attendance Manager’ has much more to offer other than just the attendance records. Attendance Manager is compatible with all kinds of attendance machines and transfers the real-time attendance record to other integrated software, such as Payroll Manager or Timetable Manager. It helps to maintain a centralized attendance record of employees and incase of multiple branches, Attendance Manager provides consolidated attendance records to concerned authorities. Attendance Manager assists schools in leave management, shift management and produces all necessary reports for better employee management.


  • Integration with Payroll for managing leaves and Timetable software for managing substitution.
  • Leave Management with auto-allocation of CL, EL etc.
  • Shift Management, to manage reporting of different departments.
  • Headcount Analysis, to stay updated on staff count.
  • Multiple reports, such as, late-in and out, attendance summary etc.
  • Notification of daily attendance summary to all the concerned authority via email, SMS and push notification on mobile app.
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