What is eSmartGuard?
eSmartGuard | School Visitor and
Child Pick-up Management System
Franciscan has come up with World’s First Artificial Intelligence Based Visitor and Child Pick-Up Management System for the Schools equipped with a powerful....
Remote & Instant Appointment
Child Pick-Up Management
Track the Log of
Daily Visitors
ESG in Action
  • Dr. Mary Thomas (Principal)
    Somerville School, Greater Noida

    “With increasing security concerns around the students, ‘eSmartGuard’ has proved to be a good security product for our school. It meets all our requirements to manage visitor and child pick-up. I strongly recommend schools to implement ESG and revolutionize security systems.”

  • Rev. Fr. Alwyn Moras (Principal)
    St. Francis College, Lucknow

    “It is my pleasure to recommend ‘eSmartGuard’ to all the schools as it has completely transformed the security system of our school. ESG’s powerful face recognition technology helps to maintain accurate visitors log and authenticate escorts at the school gate to ensure safety and security of our students.”

  • Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza (Principal)
    St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj

    “The safety of our students is of paramount importance in today’s age. It has become imperative for educational institutions to use deterrents for safety. ‘eSmartGuard’ is a wonderful solution to ensure student safety in school. I would strongly recommend you to get it installed at your school and ensure security to students.”

  • Sr. Jyoti CJ (Principal)
    St. Mary’s Convent Inter College, Prayagraj

    “After experimenting with several safety products, it is with great enthusiasm that I recommend ‘eSmartGuard’. Its Artificial Intelligence Enabled Technology ensures the safety of our students and adds an additional layer of security by only allowing authenticated visitors to have access to the school premises and smoothly manages child pickups.”

  • Mr. Deepak Balutia (Manager - Former President, PSA Haldawni)
    Inspiration Sr. Sec. School, Kathgodam

    “ESG helps our school to save time and manpower for managing the visitors, escorts and appointment seekers in a subtle way. As a Manager, I feel confident in recommending ‘eSmartGuard’ for your school as I have no doubt that they are providing a strong security system.”

  • Sr. Josy (Principal)
    Nirmala Convent School, Kathgodam

    “eSmartGuard not only secures our students against fraudulent visitors and security threats, but also manages all the appointments in an extremely safe and systematic manner. It keeps a complete log of visitors thereby providing an additional layer of security for our school. Keeping security at utmost priority, I would highly recommend ‘eSmartGuard’.”

  • Fr. Richard A. (Principal)
    Christ The King College, Jhansi

    “Our school has been using ‘eSmartGuard’ for over a year now and I am satisfied with the way it works. Since the time I had got it installed in our school, it has given me an added layer of assurance that our students are in safe hands. I really do feel that it is the best Visitor and Child Pick-up Management System I have ever seen and experienced. I highly recommend its usage & suggest to experience the product yourself.”

  • Fr. Atul Swamy Anuroop IMS (Manager)
    St. Mary’s Sr. Sec. School, Panipat

    “We are using ‘eSmartGuard’ and our school has gone through an enormous change in terms of Children’s safety and security. Not only the school, but the Parents also have the satisfaction while sending their children to a secured school, a place free from any sort of misfortune in terms of child welfare and protection. I propose you to use their amenity only after my complete satisfaction with their product to overcome the daily challenges of security and reliability for our children.”

What it Offers
  • For School
    • Simplified and hassle-free Visitor and Child Pick-up Management System.
    • Do away with manual paper work and visitor register.
    • Authenticity of appointment seeker and escort consequently ensuring safety of children.
    • Quick verification (0.3 seconds) of visitor or child escort.
    • Accurate log records along with face and identity documents of visitors and escorts for future.
    • A powerful dashboard with multiple analysis and customized control to manage appointments.
  • For Parent
    • Simplified and hassle-free appointment booking system via school mobile app.
    • Child escort assigning via parents anytime anywhere using mobile app with OTP verification on the registered mobile number.
    • Face scanning and capturing of identity document only once and can be used for future appointment requests.
    • Appointment status tracking and acceptance or rejection notification via SMS, emails and push notification on mobile app.
  • For Visitor
    • Simplified and hassle-free appointment booking system via school website or URL.
    • Auto-fill of personal data from identity documents or visiting cards consequently saving lot of time.
    • Face scanning and capturing of identity document only once and can be used for future appointment requests or verification.
    • Appointment status tracking and acceptance or rejection notification via SMS and emails.
    • A great welcoming feel at school gate.
How it works?

Parent or any authentic visitor can book a hassle-free online appointment via website or school mobile app just in three easy steps.

  • Parent/Visitor need to register face with a selfie or by uploading a photo.
  • Need to fill the details and upload identity documents just by capturing the photos of documents.
  • Enter the mobile number (OTP verified) for authenticity of mobile number.

User gets a notification via SMS and email upon confirmation and can track their appointment status real time via app or website.

On the appointment day… The school guards who are ‘electronically equipped SMART GUARDS’ are ready to welcome the guest with their Android-powered rugged waterproof tab or Android rugged walkie- talkie, equipped with strong facial recognition technology
to recognize the registered face in 0.3 seconds ONLY.

‘eSmartGuard’ also uses smart technology to auto-fill the details of visitors just by scanning their identity documents through a camera.

This one-time registration helps school to recognize a visitor/parent in just 0.3 seconds on their next visit, which in turn saves lot of time of school and visitor.

Parents can assign escorts for their kids using the same processof uploading the photo and ID details of escorts with an OTP verified mobile number to pick the child.

The escort will be welcomed by the eSmartGuard and is verified just in 0.3 seconds with a powerful artificial intelligence enabled face recognition system, past which, they are allowed to pick-up a student. Consequently, cases like kidnaping, losing child, unnecessary humiliation of parents at the gate gets eliminated.

This way ‘eSmartGuard’ gives an extra layer of security to the schools and students’ protection. It’s time for your guards be called ‘eSmartGuard’!