Infirmary Manager

Well-being of every student is prime responsibility of the School and ‘Infirmary Manager’ is the appropriate software for the task specially developed for Student Health Management. The Infirmary Manager helps to keep track of students’ health, Check-ups, Vaccination, Doctor’s Visits, Allergies, and other medical records. It maintains the entire medical history of every individual student which comes very handy and assist schools in taking precautions and prescribe right medicine based on the medical history in case of emergencies. The software also helps the school to maintain its medicine stock up to date with a check on quantity of medicine and expiry date etc.


  • Maintains Vaccination records with due dates alerts.
  • Maintains health record of each and every student in school including illness, treatments and allergies.
  • Maintains record of medicines and helps tracking its storage, expiry date etc.
  • Student's medical history at a glance and health status through medical cards.
  • Auto flagging of warning for allergic drugs prescription.
  • Keep track of nurse/doctor visits & attendance.
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