Seating Arranger

‘Seating Arranger’ is an ultimate solution for the challenges that a school faces while conducting exams. It not only automatically generates the seating arrangements, but also helps schools in managing invigilators and substitution just with few clicks. With a user-friendly interface, it does not require any specific knowledge to operate and produce the exact required results just with the basic data input. Years long records, Shift Management, Seat Blocking, Attendance Sheets, Stationery Records are just few feathers to the cap of this useful software.


  • Auto-generation of seating layout with Artificial Intelligence enabled algorithm that checks all the factors, such as, class, gender, groups etc. while allotting seats to the students.
  • User-friendly interface that does not demand any specific knowledge and saves the tedious manual work.
  • Invigilator Management and auto-assigning of substitution with notifications to concerned teachers.
  • Robust search mechanism, to pull up records with any keyword, such as, Class, Exams, Students, Roll Number or Admission Number etc.
  • Constraint Management, such as, room capacity or locking seats to generate the exact seating layout as needed.
  • Support staff duty Management.
  • Attendance Management for the staff on duty and students during exams.
  • Shift Management, to conduct multiple exams on the same day.
  • Examination Stationery Management with records of issued, returned and destroyed status to avoid wastage.
  • Unlimited records management for previous years seating arrangements for reference for schools.
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