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A smooth timetable is very crucial need of a school, but the complexity of timetable scheduling is a world known fact. ‘Timetable Manager’, equipped with unparalleled Artificial Intelligence, saves school from all the tedious routine of manual timetable generation. Timetable Manager accommodates all constraints related to staff, buildings, classes, labs, temporary or guest staff, and schedules school’s timetable in the most productive and convenient manner. It gives the most accurate timetable in the first place; however, if further changes are required, it is flexible enough to quickly reorganize the timetable according to the need. Its artificial intelligence mechanism, automatically arranges the substitution by fetching the attendance data from biometric machines. Multiple analysis and reports help educators to understand and stay above the schedule of their school.


  • Artificial Intelligence enabled ‘Auto Timetable Scheduling’, eliminates tedious manual process and generates clash free timetable .
  • Multi-Level manual changes accommodation for further customization of timetable.
  • Auto attendance data fetching from biometric attendance machines and auto processing of substitution by an artificial intelligent mechanism every day.
  • Everyday substitution processed by an Artificial Intelligence based algorithm.
  • Integrated with online portals, to provide students and parents with the real-time timetable.
  • Most efficient usage of all resources, such as, staff, classes, labs etc.
  • Optimum resource allocation, based upon the predefined constraints.
  • All constrains accommodation, such as, parallel allocation, consecutive allocation, fixed periods, etc.
  • Multiple reports, such as, Master timetables, Workload Reports, Substitution List etc.

Substitution process has impressed me a lot. I am truly happy having Timetable Manager, as it eliminates all the natural difficulties of timetable generation. Auto-generation of substitution list, subject grouping, online updating of timetable and team's support is remarkable.

Ms. Kanika Joshi (Timetable Incharge)
Dikshant International School, Haldwani

I am using Timetable Manager for a long time. It's an amazing software which easily reduces workload. It is very much fast, simple and effortless in comparison to manual timetable generation. Technical expertise and support from in-house e-Care team is of great help. I would appreciate e-Care for the standard of service, which is consistent and of high quality.

Mr. Devendra Kumar Sharma (School Registrar)
Nirmala Convent School, Bulandshahr
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