• Incorporated in 2007, Franciscan is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • With an average growth rate of 170% every year, Franciscan is one of the fastest growing EdTech organization in the field of Educational ERP for K-12 Schools.
  • Our service line primarily includes School Management System (known as e-Care), e-Communication System and World Class Security Management System for the Schools.
  • Serving a clientele of more than 500 satisfied customers such as CBCI (Catholic Bishop Conference of India), Vatican Embassy India & Nepal, India Expo Mart, IGMA, FPS Lt. UK, CBCI Education Society and many more.
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OUR Quality Products

Franciscan e-Care

We value your care

With 60+ inter connected modules, Franciscan e-Care transforms a school into a SMART SCHOOL. Over a decade, hundreds of schools have yielded benefits from Franciscan e-Care and today it is one of the most trusted and awarded school management systems for K-12 schools. Franciscan particularly focuses on three aspect of student development i.e.Automation of operational and academics process, Communication and Security (eSmartGuard & MySecureKid)

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Protected if Connected

‘MySecureKid’ is the world’s SMALLEST real-time GPS and SIM enabled Kid’s Tracking Watch with GPS, GPRS, LBS and latest WiFi positioning technology. It is a Product and Technology from Franciscan TeamCare Pvt. Ltd. thought by seeing the need for security of Kids in the school and outside the school.
It is researched and developed for Parents and Schools so that they Never lose track of little ones and follow them wherever they are and ensure their safety by tracking them any time directly on their smartphone App.

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visit: www.mysecurekid.com


We value your safety

Seeing so many unfortunate incidents happening inside the school premises and analyzing the need for a powerful security system against the fraudulent visitor and escort to pick the child after the school, Franciscan has come up with World’s First Artificial Intelligence Based Visitor and Child Pick-Up Management System for the Schools equipped with a powerful Face Recognition Technology to ensure that only authentic Visitors, Appointment Seekers and Escorts could enter the school premises.

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  • St. Clare's Sr. Sec. School, Agra

    I want to thank 'Franciscan Solutions' for their all round assistance in making and launching a website for my school, as well as for our Archdiocese (Agra). Their expertise and know how has been extremely helpful in finding a reasonable, affordable and beautiful look and working of the website. I appreciate and congratulate them for the time they spent in researching the viable dynamic feature for Transfer priests etc. Their understanding, dedication and thoughtfulness has really helped in this process.

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    Fr. Dennis D'Souza
    (Principal, St. Clare's Sr. Sec. School, Agra, India)
  • Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi

    Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provide their services in professional manner, with predetermined time constraint. For this they charge us a very reasonable fee. We highly recommend Franciscan e-Care services to all the schools as it adds value to the school IT system.

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    Sr. Janet
    (Ex. Principal, Convent of Jesus and Mary, New Delhi, India)
  • Modern Public School, Jhansi, India

    I would like to Thank Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And Modern Public e-Care Team for providing exceptional service to Modern Public School, Kochabhabar. Your personal commitment exceeds our expectations. Month after month, our school staff and management has learned to depend upon the flexibility of your service.

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    Dr. Rohin Vishwanathan
    (Principal, Modern Public School, Jhansi, India)
  • Kundan Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Ludhiana

    We live in the information age and in the education sector it has become imperative to be connected to the parents of the student, through technology. The c-care ERP software installed by Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in our school has helped in establishing better communication with our students and pare. and helps us to inform them about their ward's progress report. attendance and fee payment on time.

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    Mrs. Navita Puri
    (Principal, Kundan Vidya Mandir Sr. Sec. School, Ludhiana)
  • St. Joseph'S School, Greater Noida

    I have been associate with the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for the past four years, The'e-Care support provided by the company is excellent and of "we care" attitude. Its growth and good will graph has been on constant rise. May the Lord continue to bless and keep the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in his care protection, is my prayer.

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    Rev. Fr. Mathew Kumblumoottil
    (Principal, St. Joseph'S School, Greater Noida)
  • St. Karen’S Schools, Patna

    My search for a competent technology partner for our schools ended with Franciscan e-Care xyz years back. Since the introduction, e-Care has been an excellent support in School Management. It takes care of all the operational aspects and leaves Principals and teachers to concentrate on the academic excellence of the school. Most helpful thing is that it has a very professional support system and surely brings technology to help serve the parents better. Today, it seems that It is impossible to think that we can administer the school without e-care by our side.

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    Mr. Edward Galstaun
    (Asst. Director, St. Karen’S Schools, Patna)
  • St. Joseph Group Of Institutions, Lucknow

    The purpose of this letter is to express my complete satisfaction with the outstanding services provided by Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Since years. we were searching a company who could look after all IT needs of our schools and make a centralized system to keep all records and accounts of all institutions. Finally our search got stopped the day we met Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in year 2011

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    Smt. Pushplata Agarwal
    (Founder Chairperson, St. Joseph Group Of Institutions, Lucknow)
  • St. Mary’S Convent Inter College, Allahabad

    I personally found that introduction of Franciscan e-Care facilities in the school, is not only time saving but also very helpful in integrating, systematizing, organizing and managing the administration of the school which in turn, would set into motion a more complete development of the student's personality.

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    Sr. M. Mariette
    (Former Principal, St. Mary’S Convent Inter College, Allahabad)
  • Dikshant International School, Haldwani

    It is my pleasure to recommend Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to all the schools. During the past 5 years of our relationship, I found their services beyond satisfaction. They do an excellent job and have brought revolution in communication system of schools. Their integrity, commitments and skills are praise worthy. Their innovative concept of mobile application helps the school to take one more step forward in this Modern Era of technology.

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    Mr. Samit Tikku
    (Director, Dikshant International School, Haldwani)
  • Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur

    I am pleased to certify that we, at Allenhoue Public School, Khalasi Line, Kanpur(U.P) are Satisfied with the services provided by the Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd., in implementing their E-Care facilities. Our parents are too satisfied with the facilities provided for the betterment of the children, as they are constantly kept in touch with the happenings in the school.

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    Mrs. Ruchi Seth
    (Principal, Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur)

    We live in an age when technology is used widely in education as a result of which the educators are able to move beyond the class rooms and be available to our students and their parents. After we hired the services of Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we have been able to establish better communication with our students and their parents are informed about their ward's, progress report, attendance and fee payment on time.

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    Fr. M. Arockiam S.J
    (Former Principal, St. Xavier'S sr Sec. School, Delhi)
  • St. Peter'S Academy, Patiala

    Novelty is the way of life end one cannot deny the fact that unless new comes it is not possible to shed the old. I wish to congratulate M/s Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for coming with new technologies to modernize our system of functioning and giving us the feeling that we are not behind others.

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    Fr. John Bosco
    (Principal, St. Peter'S Academy, Patiala Director Of Education commission, Shimla Chandigarh Diocese)
  • Inspiration Sr. Sec. School, KATHGODAM

    e-Care provide advance concept of online communication platform, SMS Service, Website with instant updations, Complete Educational ERP and excellent 24X7 services. Their value product named ‘e-Care’ is serving many schools of our region. I am pleased to introduce e-Care in my school and sincerely admire the proficiency and promise of Franciscan services.

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    Mr. Deepak Balutia
    (President, Pubilc Schools Association, Haldwani Manager, Inspiration Sr. Sec. School, Kathgodam)
  • St. Peter's College Agra

    St. Peter’s College, Agra is using Franciscan e-Care since last 5 Years and I am pleased to recommend Franciscan e-Care Services to all schools. Their MOBILE APPLICATION and communication system is highly commendable and give a feel of carrying whole school information on a palm. I would also recommend their ‘eSmartGuard’, one of the best Visitor and Child Pick-up Management System and ‘MySecureKid’ the best security device for the children to ensure their safety everywhere.

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    Fr. Paul Thannickal
    (Principal, St. Peter'S College Agra)
  • Loreto Convent School, Darjeeling

    Franciscan e-Care is carrying out tasks like maintenance of school attendance record, generation of report cards, fee management, school website updating, message alerts to parents. The services provided has been found to be professional and to the satisfaction of the school. The staff appointed are qualified, and carry out their duties professionally.

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    Mrs. J. Ghissing
    (Former Principal, Loreto Convent School, Darjeeling)
  • Bethany Convent School, Allahabad

    We would like to place on record the multifarious solutions the “Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd.” has provided in bridging the communication gap between management, teachers, students and parents. We appreciate their services. IT professionals appointed in our schools are well trained, sincere, dedicated and trust-worthy.

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    Sr. Shilpa B.S.
    (Principal, Bethany Convent School, Allahabad,
    Former Principal, Fr. Agnel School, Greater Noida)
  • St Mary's Sr. Sec. School, Rudrapur

    We live in the information age and in the education sector it has become imperative to be connected to the parents of the student, through technology.. The e-Care ERP software installed by Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in our school has helped in establishing better communication with our students and parents. Also helps us to inform them about their ward's progress tenon. attendance and fee payment on time.

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    Sr. Lavina Menezes
    (Former Principal, St Mary's Sr. Sec. School, Rudrapur)
  • Loreto Convent School, Doranda, Ranchi

    It is my pleasure to recommend Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to all the schools. I am fully satisfied with their product and service and strongly recommend them to all the schools. We highly recommend "Franciscan e-Care" services to all renowned Institutes with our best satisfaction and feel proud to possess it.

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    Mrs. Pushpa Lakra
    (Ex. Principal, Loreto Convent School, Doranda, Ranchi)
  • St. Agnes’ Loreto Day School, Lucknow

    I have had the privilege of using Franciscan e-Care products and services, which were able to fulfil all my expectations as a consumer. The services delivered by Franciscan are very professional and updated with latest technologies and innovations at all times. The range of e-Care products is the most appropriate solution for school management system.

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    Mrs. Debra Bunny
    (Principal, St. Agnes’ Loreto Day School, Lucknow)
  • St. Francis' College, Hazratganj, Lucknow

    I am glad to personally recommend Franciscan e-Care services (Integrated Blend of ERP, Mobile App, Website and Security Solutions) to all the schools. Since six years, I personally found them providing their service in professional manner. They are serving our stakeholders (Parents, Teachers & Students) with the best interactive concepts and we are pleased with this facility.

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    Rev. Fr. Alwyn Moras
    (Principal, St. Francis' College, Hazratganj, Lucknow)